TECH TIPS to make OUR lives easier…

When supplying files created in Creative Cloud always save a version in IDML (version 6).

Whenever possible please supply native files.  PDF files are cumbersome to edit and sometimes impossible depending on the type of edit.

Always include 1/8” minimum bleed.

Whenever possible supply laser proofs and mock-ups.

Always supply both printer and screen fonts when supplying native files.

We supply both a flat EPSON press proof and digital blueprints; one set per job.  If you require additional proofs, please let us know.

When working in spot colors, always delete all non-essential colors in your palette and for your own peace of mind and to save time down the road, always run internal color-separated lasers.  These do not lie.

Purchase, unless already owned, Pantone’s Color Bridge swatch books.  They come in both coated and uncoated versions and are priceless when working in either spot or process equivalents of same.  What you see in these books is exactly what you’ll get on your printed sheet.

Convert JPEGS to TIFFS and always supply files as CMYK and/or spot but never RGB.  Although we can automatically convert there may be color-shifts beyond our control.

Always request stock dummies if you’re unsure of how a piece will bulk up in binding or if you have postage concerns.

We make CAD samples and die lines free of charge.  When intricate die cutting is involved, build that extra time into your production schedule.  Once the job is printed, it’s not the time to see if the work will finish properly.

If you’re not sure of something ask—there is no such thing as a stupid question.  We don’t know everything about everything, nor should we.  Information is free-of-charge.

If your job requires international shipping, let us know immediately so we can factor in transit times and necessary paperwork based upon final destination.  International priority or even domestic priority overnight is not always what you think it is.

Printing is a collaborative effort.  Someone is always available for a get-together; free cup of coffee included.

If your current printer is not furthering your print education it’s time to call us.  A more informed and educated client is our best friend.