In 1993, I started Geller Graphics with one client, the National Hockey League, and a lot of hope.  I did so out of a desire to provide an industry alternative with my spin on customer service, something that had been at the core of my career since 1979 when I entered the typography business.  I had a strong desire to offer clients a reliable source for quality printing at fair prices – always with an unmatched customer service component.

You get what you pay for and more at Geller Graphics, Inc.  While we may not be the lowest-priced or highest-priced printer in the metropolitan area, we offer fair prices commensurate with the quality service and products we deliver.  We enjoy enduring client relationships, like those we have with the NHL, Major League Soccer, ESPN/Disney and others.

With over 37 years in the industry, I have found one recurring theme.  Clients are on a continuous quest for quality service above all else.  Our entire team has the same outlook—we are here to provide our clients with quality products and a level of service hard to find in the industry, many times making the impossible possible.  If obstacles or challenges arise, finding meaningful solutions make all the difference.

~ george