Geller Graphics offers its clients a full range of printing services – digital, offset, web, large-format and all ancillary services including die cutting, stamping, embossing, fulfillment mailing and more.

In 2009, we closed our physical plant in Fanwood, NJ due to circumstances beyond our control.  However, we have continued to prosper thanks to very loyal clients including the National Hockey League (since 1993), Major League Soccer (since 1998), Summerfuel (since 2003) and a host of others.

George Geller has since operated as a consultant working with a handful of partners who share the same tenets he has always insisted upon.  With former Geller Graphic employees scattered at these partner locations, it feels very much like home and these familiar faces are always welcome sights for clients.  Jeff Williams, plant manager since 1992, is still George’s right-hand person always available to go over work, press approve and balance George’s sometimes-excitable moments.  (After all, it’s still printing…)

Hard proofs are still a standard for Geller Graphics, except on those rare occasions when there is literally no time or the physical size of the piece is smaller than 8 ½” x 11”.  As a former proofreader, George happily reviews every job and alerts clients to any errors before its too late.  That extra pair of eyes can sometimes make the difference between a great job and needing to re-run a great job at an unanticipated expense.

Client attendance at press checks has greatly diminished over the years.  However, clients have confidence that George and Jeff have unflinching standards that provide for an attention to color and detail, along with guaranteed quality results.

We rarely charge for author’s alterations (AA’s) unless they involve significant color moves or retouching.  We turn proofs around very quickly and produce work in a much more timely fashion than many competitors.  We rarely charge rush or overtime; those charges usually occurring when a weekend opening is required.

We have clients across the United States and in Canada, France and the United Kingdom.  No job is too small or too large for us.  We never say no.  It’s that simple.  Although we cannot manipulate the clock (except twice a year) we are known for performing the impossible on a regular basis.